NEW! Your Life Nature Meditation
and Note Card Set™

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Your Life Nature Connection Meditation and Note Card Sets

Bring home the new Your Life Nature Meditation and Notecard Set™, to support and sustain your connection to nature, wherever you are, no matter how little time you may have in your daily life to fit in nature connection!

All four of these meditations are accompanied by a gorgeous handmade, hand-signed greeting card that helps listeners maximize their meditation experience, and more deeply connect with the natural world.

"Mission Mountains", "Windblown", "Superior Stillness", and "Prairie Portal" meditations and greeting cards comprise the package, and it not only makes a lasting and invaluable gift for yourself, but for other nature lovers in your life.

Meditations range from 11 to 20 minutes in length, so they're perfect for fitting into the workweek, when you're on the go, and other times when you need to refuel and recharge!

The four-meditation and note card set costs $67 plus shipping.


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cards included in this set:

This view was taken from the highest point on the National Bison Range’s one-way gravel road, looking east toward Montana’s majestic Mission Mountains on an early summer evening.


Taken near the Moon Randolph Homestead outside of Missoula, Montana, the juxtaposition of a worn, weathered gate opening up to a lush, green inviting landscape evokes the connections and reverence visitors and locals alike have for Montana’s still wild and open spaces, from the state’s earliest native inhabitants, to more recent “naturalized Montanans” such as myself :)


So many contour lines have been etched into or revealed over the eons in this sandstone wall, which on cold Montana days evokes desert canyon hikes and wanderings past, and those yet to come.


This twilight scene was taken on an October Indian summer day from Lake Superior’s Wisconsin shoreline. The lake’s waters are notoriously known for being anything but placid. Superior, at 32,000 square miles the largest of North America’s Great Lakes, is also the largest freshwater lake in the world, and can produce waves 20-25 feet high.



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